Partner Categories - What Changed

By DeepSync Labs

What changed?

Facebook is a data rich environment for advertisers and brands looking to find the right audiences for their products and services. Over the years Facebook has continued to evolve its approach to data usage in-line with changing advertiser requirements and consumer privacy expectations.

One of the more impactful changes came in 2018 when Facebook deprecated direct access to third party data providers via Partner Categories.

Third-party data companies offer purchase data – like brand preferences and shopping habits – to advertisers so they can target their brands to high-interest users and households. For instance, data from a loyalty card program at a grocery store could identify health food enthusiasts, those who buy gluten free from those who buy wholewheat.

This data is used by 1,000s of advertisers to improve their targeting options and to drive outcomes. The challenge for advertisers is how do you find consistently available data from trustworthy data providers across every channel?

Facebook’s decision to deprecate Partner Categories came at a time when scrutiny around the handling of consumer information was at its peak. While understandable there can be no doubt that removing third-party data sources access in Facebook did limit advertisers’ targeting options.

Of course, in some areas Facebook’s own user data is extremely robust. However there are gaps and that’s why Partner Categories was so popular. Whether it be moving from those interested in dogs to audiences who have actually purchased dog food, or helping CPG brands find audiences based on past purchase behavior, third party has proven value.

The challenge post Partner Categories has been - how do we make it easy for any brand to find their perfect 3rd party audience. And that’s where DeepSync Labs comes in. By working with large data marketplaces like Oracle Data Cloud and LiveRamp DeepSync Labs provides access to over 50,000 audiences covering Auto, Finance, Purchase, Travel, B2B, Leisure and much more.