Why we started DeepSync Labs

By DeepSync Labs

I founded DeepSync Labs in early 2020 after working in the online and social advertising space for over a decade. During that time I’ve seen first hand the power of third party data and its ability to drive amazing results. With the deprecation of Partner Categories in 2018 the challenge for social media advertisers in recent years has been ‘how do we easily get access to 3rd party audiences in Facebook?’. And that’s what prompted us to think of a technology that would make it almost as easy as Partner Categories did to access more 3rd party audiences.

To that end we’ve spent the better part of 9 months testing user flows and buying options with a range of clients and partners. Today you can:

- create an account with DeepSync Labs in minutes

- configure delivery of data packages to multiple ad accounts

- leverage DeepSync Labs data team to recommend individual segments from their library of 50,000 audiences

- automatically pay for usage in the same way you pay for Facebook Ads today

Today we’re seeing some amazing results from clients who are finding 3rd party audiences that are simply not available in Facebook as standard. Some are using 3rd party data for the first time. Others have been waiting for a Partner Categories alternative since 2018!  Our clients see this as a secret weapon in their ability to produce amazing results. Increasingly clients are seeing 3rd party data as one response to the upcoming challenges that iOS 14 will present. Now is the time to start planning.

To supercharge this we’ll be launching full audience search early in the new year. For now we’re thankful for all of our clients and excited to be building even easier ways to access data that delivers results in Facebook!