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How is data delivered to my Facebook account?
Once you’ve selected a data package or packages, created a DeepSync account and connected a payment method we’ll send you a request for reporting access. This will be sent to your Facebook Business Manager account and can be found in ‘Requests’. Once accepted we’ll configure delivery of your data which should take between a 2 hours and 6 hours for ODC data and 24-48 hours for LiveRamp data to appear in your Facebook account. Once delivered you’ll see all of the segments in your selected package(s) and can search by segment in order to create campaigns.
What can I expect in terms of campaign performance improvements?
Thousands of advertisers use additional data sets to supplement their Facebook ad campaign targeting options. Performance can vary but clients should expect either an improved ROAS or the ability to reach previously hard to find audiences (more reach) - or both. We’ve seen clients increase ROAS from anywhere between 125% and 200% by using additional 3rd party data segments that aren’t natively available in Facebook. Check out our Case Studies in Blogs.
What if I can’t see the data in my Facebook account?
It can take between 2 and 6 hours for ODC data to reach your account, and 24-48 hours for LiveRamp assuming all permissions have been accepted. To check you’ve accepted the right Ts and Cs in Facebook you’ll need to be a Business Manager account administrator. From there check requests and make sure you’ve accepted all Shared Audience Terms (and Facebook’s Custom Audience Terms if you haven’t already done so). The most common reasons for data not appearing are: - a Business admin hasn't accepted Shared Responsibilities or the partnership Request (Check either Requests or Partners) - the ad account is too new (Facebook will limit new ad accounts from accessing Shared Audiences) Please allow a minimum of 48 hours
What do I need to do in my Facebook Business Manager account to confirm data delivery?
Once you’ve created your DeepSync Labs account and placed an order you’ll need a Business Manager account administrator to accept DeepSync’s request for reporting access (Business Manager - Requests). You’ll then need to ensure you’ve accepted any additional Terms and Conditions, including Shared Audience Terms from the data provider and Facebook Custom Audience terms and conditions. You should only need to do this once.
Data Packages
What if I want more than one data package?
You can order an unlimited number of data packages once your DeepSync account is created. Simply choose a package, create an account and once confirmed you’ll have access to an account dashboard from where you can order more packages.
What if I only want to order one or two data segments?
Given there are 1,000s of data segments in our Platform we’ve tried to group these into easy to use packages focused on your business objectives. If there are specific audience segments you are looking for which can’t be found in any packages please email
Why do you have the Data packages you have?
We’ve created data packages based on feedback from our clients who are looking for access to a large number of data segments relevant to their particular business objectives. If you think we’re missing a data package let us know! Email
What if I can’t find the right data for my campaign?
Our Platform provides access to 1,000s of data segments from leading data providers covering a range of areas. If you can’t find the right data segments or data packages for your particular campaign please let us know! We have the ability to source additional data and create bespoke segments for custom needs. Contact
How does your pricing work and how will I be charged?
When DeepSync's platform detects a data segment appended to an ad set, our application will multiply the media spend for that particular campaign by the appropriate data segment tier (10%, 12%, or 15%, excluding custom built segments, which can be priced higher). The instant our technology detects data spend in your Facebook Ad Account, we will charge your credit card on file a $100 increment (this $100 charge covers a 3.2% credit card fee plus all of your data spend. Larger charge increments of $250, $500, and $1,000 are available upon request) and will deduct your data spend amounts from your account credit line. Once your credit line hits 80% depletion/utilization, we will recharge your credit card for the established increment to replenish your credit line.
What happens to my account spend credits if I cancel my DeepSync account?
If you decide to cancel your DeepSync account and you have outstanding account credit we will refund your account with the remaining balance. To cancel please email Once data is removed from your Facebook account we will initiate the refund process.
Do you only support credit card billing? What if we want to be invoiced?
Our system is built to mirror Facebook’s own real-time, credit card based billing solution. That said we appreciate that some advertisers may want to be invoiced for spend instead. If you want to discuss this option with us please email

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