DeepSync Labs, Inc. is a UI configuration tool that provides access to the world's leading data segments. Access to our platform provides advertisers with the capability to use audience targeting to achieve better performance with their social media marketing spend. DeepSync has partnered with companies like Oracle Data Cloud and LiveRamp to simplify the process of utilizing supplemental targeting data within environments like Facebook.

Getting Started

Linking Social Ad Accounts

Once your DeepSync account has been created, you'll need to ensure that DeepSync and our data partners have the necessary permissions to allow the delivery of data as well as monitor usage. To do this, simply enter the ad account ID (or IDs) in our ‘connect network’ tool. This will trigger an automated request asking for analyst access (which in turn gives DeepSync read-only reporting access) to your social media account.

Data Delivery

Once your social media ad account is connected, DeepSync facilitates the delivery of data from our partners (i.e., Oracle Data Cloud / LiveRamp). You will be asked to accept their shared audiences terms within your social media ad account. Once complete, data will be piped into your ad account within 24 hours.


Our model works by charging a low monthly platform fee which provides access to the data assets. Additionally, customers are charged on a usage basis, calculated at 20% of the media spend using data assets. DeepSync pulls media usage data from the relevant social media platform in order to calculate fees in real-time. For more information on pricing click here.